Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Regrets . . . .?

One of the first things I wanted to do once The Man and I became engaged was create a wedding website. I'm not sure why, since our various wedding checklists (I had to buy several wedding planners purely for the joy of additional checklists) say we don't have to officially tell the internet about our engagement until next month, and I RARELY deviate from a checklist. Man, do I love checklists. My passion for checklists nearly led me into a career as a theatrical stage manager, until I figured out that checklists were the only part of that line of work that I liked.

Perhaps what led me to push the wedsite right away was my desire to do something. The heady bliss of just being engaged gave way after, oh, five minutes to the heady terror of "Holy smoke! When? How? Where? With what?" Concrete progress was necessary to ward off the insanity, and the wedsite was a natural choice to begin the planning process in that I already knew exactly what option I wanted to host our virtual wedded bliss: Offbeat Bride. That's right, I may not be cool enough to have an Offbeat (you bet that's capitalized!) wedding, but I can still hang with the cool girls virtually, and OBB's newly-forged parnership with Nearlyweds afforded me the perfect opportunity to get my e-pose on. (Yes, that's also right, I knew where I wanted to host our wedding website before we were engaged. I also had my shoes picked out. It's how I roll.)

(I should note that, while I say "I" and "me" an awful lot, The Man is really very heavily involved in all things wedding. I've got another post percolating on the issue of "MY" day vs. "OUR" day, but I'm trying to stay on task here, so it'll have to wait.)

We even had some charming engagement-like photos to personalize the site, left over from a photo shoot with a generous friend (I needed headshots for my other abandoned theater career as an actress), so once we located the hippest (but still grandmother-approved) template in our wedding colors, my $50 for two years was extracted from the wedding fund faster than you can say, "Wait, we have a wedding fund?"

Here it is, with added raindrops for that classy taste of anonymity:

Neat-O, yes? And yes, it does say, "Oh, man! We're getting married!" If you look closely, below that it says "Flibbity Floo!" I was excited that day.

$50 for two years seemed more than reasonable for one as technologically dense as myself, and it seemed, at first glance to have everything we could possibly need: A registry page, RSVPs, a page for the wedding party, even things I'd never thought about, like a map of the places we'd traveled together. Fun!

Getting down to the nitty gritty of wedding planning, however, has led me to have some doubts about our beautiful wedsite. To be brief, it is not respecting my perfectly healthy desire for TOTAL CONTROL. I'll illuminate next time, and for now will just leave you with the hip silhouettes of our achingly vintage-style wedsite flowers. So cool.

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