Monday, December 14, 2009

Testing the Waters . . .

So, I wasn't sure I wanted to do this. I love wedding blogs. LOVE them. Ever since the day I brought home a stack of wedding magazines from Borders, only to find them bland, stale, and monochromatic, I knew that the plethora of blogs being produced by hundreds (thousands?) of tapping, be-ringed fingers were about to collectively become my best friend.

I started with Offbeat Bride, and it's still one of my favorites. However, its one or two posts per day were not enough to assuage my growing hunger for all things wedding. Plus, much as I would love to burst into my wedding ceremony riding a pony made of legos, wearing the gigantic purple dress of my youthful princess dreams . . . .I'm just not that cool. I needed to strike a balance between bland magazine weddings and Offbeat pyrotechnics in order to find practical inspiration for my own big day, so I searched onward.

I located Green Wedding Shoes. Ah, such loveliness. Beautiful people having a beautiful time at their astonishingly beautiful weddings, which were classic with just the right amount of quirk. GWS led me to Style Me Pretty, whose gushing exuberance won me over immediately (although one does begin to wonder how EVERY SINGLE BRIDE can possibly be the most beautiful bride this blog has ever seen). These blogs offered some serious inspiration and eye candy, but made me look with increasing despair at my own meager working-girl wedding budget, when faced with all that lavish Vera Wang-y, Christian Louboutin-ish style.

A Practical Wedding came to the rescue, snapping me back to reality, and reassuring me that my wedding would be perfectly awesome without going into outrageous debt, and my Google Reader started to fill up to a level of satisfying, balanced, coziness.

That is, until the planning began in earnest. I wrote long e-mails to my bridesmaids, and talked my poor mother's ear off, forcing her to stay on the phone for longer and longer, even when I could actually hear her eyes rolling back into her head, and her tongue grow heavy with sleepiness.

You know when you're boring your own mother that it's time to get some help.

That help came in the form of Wedding Bee. This lovely site provides around 20 posts per day of real-life, practical experiences of brides who blog their wedding planning experiences from start to finish, and even a bit beyond. I quickly became addicted, and started to follow the threads of individual bees' stories, and appreciating each one's unique style and voice.

The weaving together of all these threads in the quilt of my trusty Google Reader led me, one day, to consider whether or not there might be a place in this glorious wedding fabric for a thread of my own. My story, perhaps, could be one worth telling, my voice might be one worth hearing, and my process one worth recording. Plus, the Wedding Bee icons are just too adorable for words, and the desire to make one of them my own is completely irresistable.

Becoming a Bee, though, required 4 posts or so per week, which sounded like an arduous blogging pace at first, until I set about listing all of the blog post topics I had bouncing around in my head . . . and came up with 30, just off the top of my head.

Clearly, I have some things to get off my chest.

So here we go! It's a record of my journey from Miss (or, I guess Ms., since that's what I tend to use) to Mrs.. Here's hoping it provides some inspiration for others, as well as a much-needed outlet for myself. Huzzah!

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